Tonight, we are heading out for St. Louis, where I am from. We will be gone until just before New Year's Eve. I'm so excited. For some reason, I love St. Louis now. I hated it when I lived there. I guess when you live in a place, all of the fun things get all spread out and you don't appreciate them as much. Now, we will be cramming all of those fun things that I used to do all the time into a nice compact, action packed, two-week vacation.

The coolest thing is...are you ready? There is a new (ish?) yarn shop in the Delmar Loop area, which is only my favorite place to be in St. Louis. Every time I would walk around there, I would think to myself, "Man, I love this area...all it's missing is a yarn shop." AND NOW IT TOTALLY HAS ONE!!!! Looking at the map on their website, it seems a little off of the beaten path where most of the really cool shops are, but all the same. I'll take a walk passed Skinker, no problem with that here!

There is another awesome shop in St. Louis called Knitorious. It's HUGE and wonderful. I'm pretty sure they have just about any yarn you could want, and even some local hand spuns/hand dyes. I'll be heading in there for sure as well, but I need to be careful. Really, I should swear to only buy laceweight because it is truly the most economical and I have tons of lace on my Ravelry queue.

Speaking of LYS's, I have finally gone to one called Zora's Yarn which I was sort of afraid to go to and I am so glad that I got over that fear and went! It is run out of a woman's house, so I felt a little odd walking in, but once I did, it was definitely a yarn store. It was definitely a really AWESOME yarn store. Her selection was awesome! The TOFUtsies yarn I showed you all yesterday was from her shop. I had never seen it anywhere else and was always curious about it. I will probably be going there from now on rather than my truly local yarn store, Knitche, in Downtown Downers Grove. They never seem to have anything that appeals to me. It's a nice shop, don't get me wrong, and they've gotten their fair share of business from me, they just don't carry a lot of the yarns that I am interested in. 'Nuff said.

Well, I have a pretty busy day ahead of me, full of cleaning up the house. I want to have it practically spotless before we go because A) I don't want to come back to a dirty house and B) I don't want those who feed my cats and give the diabetic one his insulin to think I run a loose ship around here. I've been at it since 9 and am getting tired! lol

I will try to update at least once while on our trip, but no promises. I need to decide what knitting projects I want to bring (other than all of them, lol). I know I am going to bring my spinning and my swallowtail shawl. What else?? I'll have to think about it. :)

Until next time!!!!

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