I'm gonna say it. I just don't get it.

This stuff. This really overpriced stuff. Yes, sure, it looks really cool and I guess the knitted fabric feels all right, but honestly. I just don't get it. It actually hurts my hands. I actually don't look forward to knitting with it. The colorways are incredible, I'll admit. In fact, the colorways were the secondary reason I had for giving this highly coveted yarn a try. The primary reason was all of the rave reviews and crazy, whack-out-their-mind lines for the stuff at yarn cons nationwide. I was so excited to use it and felt so cool to snag a skein, and yes, the socks themselves will rock if I can ever finish them...EVER.

It makes me sad because I know I will love these socks. I must be crazy. Does anyone else, like me, just not get what it is about Socks That Rock that is so amazing? If I'm missing something here, please don't hesitate to let me know, because I really want to be one of the cool kids. I want to to hip. Is it because I bought the mediumweight? Is the lightweight easier on the hands? I just don't know and I don't think that I'll be willing to spend the money on this stuff anytime in the near future in order to figure it out. Seriously, there are indie-spun and dyed yarns that feel like heaven in your hands and cost slightly less than a fortune.

My final word, a lot of hype for a lot of nothing...a very colorful and fun to look at nothing, but still nothing...and that's my two cents. Please, feel free sing the praises of this yarn in the comments if you wish...or add a complaint of your own. :) As I said, I really want to love this yarn as much as everyone else seems to, if only to justify the amount of cold hard cash I paid for it and to avoid the scowl of The Russian when I complain about it because he could never understand why I bought it in the first place.


Maxim Khailo said...

Support the indy!

Telmah said...

I think they are so popular because of the name. They certainly got one of the best names for a sock yarn! It's catchy and memorable, so it proliferates itself well around the blogosphere (kind of like a virus?). The name precedes it, and that means people are psyched to buy it on name recognition and also, like you said, to feel like part of the cool/hip/special crowd of sock and/or chevron scarf knitters. So the lines to buy it can be populated by people who have never laid a finger on it.

Me? I've known and loved plenty of sock yarns, but my Sock and half that Rock is one of my oldest UFO's, and I gave away the second skein I bought in a swap.