Damn, Dirty Apes

My cats are lazy. They spend most of the day just lying around the house in a hedonistic ether. Every once in a while, Moscow will get up to chase his shadow. Periodically, George will slowly rise to his feet, walk to his food bowl, and howl for more food (which I don't give him because he's on a strict diet). For the most part, George's daily exercise consists of opening and closing his eyes, stretching out his tongue when he yawns (once every half-hour or so), and lethargically rolling over onto his back from time to time to fall asleep that way. I wish I were a cat. Then, I could do what I do, but not feel so guilty about it.

I've pretty much finished one of the stories I'm working on. Don't get excited, it's super short. It turns out that it is is only six pages, double-spaced. The length isn't really important, though. What's important is saying all of the things you need/want to say. I think I've pretty much done that on this one. I had a very simple idea and I ran with it. Max likes it. I don't know if any one else will. I've spent the past two days drilling him with questions because I am worried that people might take the wrong meanings from it. I have a very strong set of beliefs and with pretty much everything I write, I am trying to explain something about those beliefs. This story is kind of tricky. It's one where the meaning might get lost on...certain types of readers. I don't know. Too much information? Not enough? Yeah, probably. :)

I did a little bit of knitting today. The leg section on Max's second sock is almost done. I will probably be down to the gussets by this weekend. I sure hope so. I'm getting kind of antsy waiting for another FO. I also worked on my purple lace blouse today. I am almost finished with the sleeve increases for both fronts. I'm really close to finishing it as well, but it might take me another month to actually get down to business on it.

I know that knitting shouldn't be about finishing things. I'm supposed to enjoy the process, but when it comes down to it, an FO feels really good. In the end, I think I only knit (and start new projects) in anticipation of that feeling. Because, let's be honest, I could just as easily be doing something else.

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Maxim Khailo said...

Oh, the story rocks. If it gets lost on those readers, they are dirty apes!