Oh, I love blogging days like these...

Because on days like these, I blog about things people care about around these parts!

FO'S!!!! And today, I have my favorite FO to date: My Rusted Root!!

((Also, you can see my new spectacles, I heart them dearly))

But seriously, let's not waste any more time here!

This one took me about a month to finish (I was finished blocking on September 1st). All in all it was a good time. Cotton really dries out my hands, I've noticed, but the pattern was so fun and the color was so...I don't know...red...that I couldn't help but work on it all the time!

The fit is basically PERFECT, if you ask me. I have no complaints so far. It is perfectly comfortable and good item to have while the seasons are changing. Yay! Fall is coming, and I have a leafy autumn colored sweater!

...and how about them specs? Do they work? I quite like them.

I also have some Japanese uber-cute to show you all. I bought this book today:

Mainly because I saw this little cute on one of the first pages I opened up to:

Hello, snuckie-wookums...you're a cute little wool-bearer, aren't you?

I also got my hands on a Temari book, because I wanted it:

Eh, let's throw a cute shoe shot in there for good measure:


danielle said...

Your Rusted Root is beautiful! Good job!

Alice said...

You're right, the fit is totally perfect, as is everything else about the sweater it looks like! It looks great on you, as do your new specs!

Maxim Khailo said...

Too sexy, too sexy!