Decisions, decisions

Well, I have had two FO's within a short period of time. Now, unfortunately, you will all have to wait AGES before the next one comes around. I am still slowly trudging along on my Lace Blouse, but it is definitely slow going right now. I am itching to cast on something new!!

My queue on Ravelry is four pages long. That's four pages of possible next projects...and counting. Realize that the fall Vogue Knitting is coming out soon, as well as the fall knit.1, and the fall Interweave Crochet. Multiply that queue by four. lol. Oh, wait, as soon as I get the latest Keito-dama (Japanese knitting magazine), multiply that by seven. :)

The Crochetinator and I have decided to cast on for a crochet project from the new Interweave Crochet after my wedding is over. ((That's right, I'm holding you to that, Kara)). I've pretty much decided I'll be doing the Hook and Weave Shrug.

But, that's CROCHET and it doesn't keep me from fantasizing about what my next KNITTED garment will be. Here are some of the "hopefuls" for the upcoming cool seasons (note these are only sweaters, not socks, hats, mittens...they have their own little queue):

I'm really loving Kyra, which is a Berroco free design.
I really love the Best Friend Cardigan by Wenlan Chia
I adore the Bed Jacket by Jennie Atkinson
I love Demi by Kim Hargreaves
Swooning over the Waist Cincher Top by Joan McGowan-Micheal
Can't stop thinking about (nor can I find the pattern) for Grove Short by Elsbeth Lavold
A Drops Designs 3/4 sleeve Jacket
Juno, by Amanda Crawford
Menja, by Elsbeth Lavold
Bridesmaid Wrap, by Suss Cousins

Ok...so, yeah, this is sick. The sad thing is that most of these are patterns that I actually have. So, taking out the patterns that I don't have does little to change this list!! The only two patterns I do not have are Grove Short and Juno. Tell me what to do here, people! :) I can't decide!!!! I've been toying around with my Ravelry queue for a while now and can't seem to make a decision!! Ahhhh!

What's unfortunate about winter knitting is the price tag. Unfortunately, more knitted fabric means more yarn, means more money spent on said yarn. Poo!

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Kar said...

I'm totally in, I've been scoping out what yarn I want to get since the one i'm making is fingering weight. I'm thinking about using palette because i love the colors, but also thinking of the bare tweed.