Hold on a sec...

You mean to tell me that I'm almost finished with Maxim's Pirate Hat? Is THAT what you mean to tell me?

Yes, it is true. It is near completion. I will probably finish all but the lining today...no promises, though. It's going to fit, too! He's excited; I'm excited. Par-tay.

I am sick, so I don't feel like taking a progress shot. Here's the most recent shot. Get over it.

Like I said, he's excited.

St. Louis was a good time. There was a balloon race that we were able to see a bit at from "The Loop." ((in other words, Delmar in U-city))

I got to see my family. Here's me and my "widdle brudder." Yes, he's bigger than me.

We drove WAY out to Wildwood to do the test-run on my hair and make-up for the wedding.

It was a very hectic little trip and our afternoon romp at The Loop was really the only opportunity we had to relax. We (after a lot of begging and pleading on his part) took my brother, his girlfriend, and her friend along with us. I thought for sure there would be TONS OF DRAMA that day, but I was pleasantly surprised. Those who have met my brother know why I might have been worried, but it turned out to be a really nice time. The rest of the time it was "go, go, go." I guess that's how things are when you have a wedding in two weeks.

Speaking of which, we still have some stuff to figure out. First in my mind is the rehearsal dinner. First of all, we can't afford one. We've checked just about every restaurant in the area and they are wanting about 15 bucks or more a plate. THAT'S RIDICULOUS! Especially when it's a SET menu and people might not even WANT what they are given anyway. I've basically decided that we will "make a reservation" for a "large party" at a restaurant nearby and everyone can pay for themselves, dammit! It might not be the traditional way to go about it, but I tell you what, if our friends don't understand that neither we NOR OUR PARENTS can afford it, what good are they?

Ehem...so, yeah...now we just need to decide where to book a reservation and that will be settled. The second line of business is checking the hotel bar to see if they'll allow people under 21 to come in, as long as they don't drink...that's a tricky one.

I have to make the ring-bearer's pillow.

I have to decide if I want a blusher or not...the hair looks cute without it, I think.

It's ok, though. Things will come together. I'm very excited!

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elizabeth marley said...

What a coincidence you're almost done with the had on Talk Like A Pirate Day!

I'm sure everything for your wedding will come together. Just wait and see!