Ye Olde Faire!

The whole of Saturday was spent at the Renaissance Faire!!

Tyler was not happy with us for subjecting him to this photo-op!! Get over it!! Madame Crazy and her happy banana "loves a redhead."

That's the group...doing that whole group posing thing.

Max and Jim ate turkey legs...like real men. Oh, and by the way, NEITHER OF THEM FINISHED!! How's that for masculinity? hehehee...

Jim and Kate...and Leggie.

Andrew and I...and Leggie.

Max and I at the Joust. Whatever happened to awesome spectacles like jousts?? I mean seriously, it's totally different from sporting events today...

The faire was a great time with our friends and I was really excited about it!

I took a sock with me...My Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern. I am on the foot and it is getting really close to being finished, finito! I can't wait to finish my first real pair of socks...my fingers are itching to work on more.

But today I am to work on my Rusted Root. Socks are a tomorrow thing, as much as I might want to work on them today.

On Sunday, I got a haircut:

Went to the flea market...bought a cute bike with a fantastic wicker basket for 42 bucks:

Went to Max's parents house to find that they had left for Indiana...stayed a while to hang with Max's brother for a bit...and came home to watch a BBC documentary hosted by the one and only Michio Kaku. I think there's a part two...we have to catch it!

And even though my weekend was pretty full, I still managed to cast on for my wedding shawl! I didn't get very far though:

Oh, and stitches is TOTALLY next weekend...which means it doesn't fall on a payday weekend...which means...well...you know what it means. I'll still go, but I probably won't buy much. One ("one," that's funny) thing that I want to be sure to find is needle felting supplies and fiber for needle felting with. I have a few ideas for some things to make for my etsy shoppe (I'll spell it that way for a while, OK? ^.^). I almost bought all the supplies I needed at RenFaire, but ultimately decided not to do it. Of course, in the car the first thing I said was "you know when I get home I'll be scouring the interwebs for the stuff I decided not to buy today." It's a sickness...I'm a hobby-aholic.

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Kar said...

I need to find my knitting...it kind of got lost in the move!! Glad you had fun at the faire and your wedding shawl looks like it's going to be soooo beautiful! I haven't decided if i'm going to do anything special like that yet, i may do some embroidery or lacing around the edges of a hankerchief.