I've done this before...

...but I'm going to try to do it again. I'm going to try to...wait for it, wait for it...hold myself to a schedule for knitting so that I can actually get some things done!

Here's the plan:

Mondays: Rusted Root
Tuesdays: Socks (any socks I choose)
Wednesdays: Rusted Root
Thursdays: Lace Blouse
Fridays: Socks (again, whichever I choose)
Saturdays and Sundays: WEDDING KNITTING!!!!

I chose to put wedding knitting on Saturday and Sunday b/c those are supposed to be the days where I will be the least stressed...since I am no longer available to work on the weekends now. Oh, and btw, my manager keeps trying to convince me to work a regular Saturday every week. Um...NO! I'm sorry, but NO! The wedding is too close and I may need to make a trip to the StL at the drop of a hat...so, I'm sorry, but NO!

Ehem...anyway. I am going to try to hold myself to this schedule at least for a little while. We all know that I am not very good at things like this...but I started this plan yesterday and so far, so good. I have FINALLY cast on for the fronts of the Purple Lace Blouse. Man, does that feel good!

Project Spectrum has changed on me! I didn't finish Rusted Root!! Crap, man! I know it's all just for fun, but I really wanted to finish something this time!! Grrr... But here's the good news: I LOVE ALL THE NEW PS COLORS!!!! I'm already knitting something Purple (the lace blouse) and I should get that done in a few weeks as long as I keep my schedule. I've got a pair of orange-y socks (Breeze) nearly done already!! And the third color is brown and, hel-lo?, I FREAKIN' LOVE BROWN!!!! As soon as the new Interweave comes out, it's the Cobblestone sweater for Maxim....IN BROWN, BABY! I just have to think about when, on what yarn, and how much money to spend for that one. I was planning on starting Jarrett for Max next, but I can't get that gorgeous garter yoke on the Cobblestone out of my mind. Plus, the color for Jarrett does not correspond to PS, not that that is the only reason I choose to knit things...obviously, it isn't.

Oh, and back to Project Spectrum, I have some eggplant purple silky wool just waiting to be turned into something pretty for my grandmother. I just need to find the right pattern for her. I am thinking I'd like to make her a stole b/c a triangle shawl might not be practical for her. I have three balls of the silky wool already stashed...any stole suggestions for my grandma-ma??

Now, let's talk about life. I still don't know what to do with mine. I am unhappy with my job and need an office job fast. I am unhappy with who I am and feel that I have really dug a hole for myself...and have wasted time...and have failed at adulthood (pretty much before it has even begun, I know). It's a really sucky feeling...and one you'd think I'd be used to by now b/c I have always sort of felt this way throughout my life. Why do I always feel like I am missing something or for some reason like I am not good enough?? Feeling this way really makes it hard to change things...hard indeed.

But that's depressing and I already have to think about going to work today, which is depressing enough. So, let's not drag this out any more.

I'm excited to make more progress on the Lace Blouse and I'm excited about starting my Wedding Stole this weekend. Oh, btw, I have ultimately chosen Estonian Garden!! It's super pretty!

Oh, I'm also a member of Librarything.com now. My username is littlejezzie. If you're a member, send me a message sometime! I'm hooked on it, but I still don't have all of my books up on it yet. I have a lot of books here, but I know I have more hidden away somewhere, probably in the StL.

Sigh, I need to read more. I need to write more. Stupid knitting takes up all of my time. lol ^.^

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