The thing about today

It's funny. I am near the end on two of my UFOs: the Breeze Socks and Rusted Root. Now, all I can think about is just getting...them...done. I woke up at 8am for the sole purpose of working on them both today. Great. Fine. Good. That's wonderful.

But what about your wedding stole? OK...tomorrow is September 1st. I'm not even halfway finished. I'm still planning on working on the thing, I'm just not planning on getting my hopes up. The possibility that it will not be finished in time is not one that is nagging on me, but it is certainly the most probable of all the possibilities regarding the subject. It's OK. I knew when I started it that it most likely wasn't going to happen. No harm, no foul. I can just find a nice wrap of sorts the new-fashioned way: buy it at the store.

It is quite pretty, though, and I will finish it. I will continue to work on it up until the day, but that day is no longer a deadline. If it isn't done in time for my wedding, I will trudge onward and wrap this luscious draping fabric around myself throughout the fall and winter seasons. Again, no harm, no foul.

On the personal front, I have finally decided that I can no longer put off going in for an eye exam. My contact lenses have been driving me absolutely insane. I can hardly get through the day without them feeling all dry. I have glasses, but because I am headache prone and they are thick, black, and heavy (not to mention all bent out of shape), I do not like to wear them when I'm out and about. I need glasses that I can wear out in public for prolonged periods of time. I need to give my eyes a break because they are yelling at me to do so! This really sucks too because I now have to spend my money on it, but I've decided to not be a princess about the whole thing. The exam is free, I'll choose cheap lightweight frames. This is my resolve. I only hope that the fancy lenses I need (because they are light and thin...really bad eyes here, I don't want goggles) aren't incredibly expensive. We shall see. Wish me luck...I'm sort of nervous. I hate going to doctor's offices.

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elizabeth marley said...

I know how you feel. When I get close to the end of projects, I become obsessed with them. Finishing becomes my first priority over all other things.