Oh, Lord...

The girl who has yet to finish a complete pair of socks in the whole of her knitting career has just joined a freakin' sock yarn club. It's through Hill Country Yarns. I've heard good things about their yarns, but have never used them...or felt the thrill of their strands through my fingers.

Ok, before you get all preachy-preach-face on me...here's the thing. It's not a full year; I am not making a serious long term commitment to sock knitting. It's six months long, but I get a shipment every other month...so that's a lot of time in between and I won't be overwhelmed with a monthly shipment of a yarn and a sock pattern. And the last reason is completely social in nature. I want to be a part of something somewhat exclusive...I want to have a pattern that only a few people will have. The patterns that are sent with the yarn are chosen from a sock pattern contest...and I like the idea of giving a great designer props and recognition for their creations. Who knows? This could become the tiny spark needed for one of the winners to get going on a designing career, if you will. Kind of cool to think of it that way, right?

So, I am doing a service. ^.^ Now, I'm going to do everything I can to find as many forums and groups on the club to stalk and lurk around! Yay! Maybe I should make a goal to finish those socks before the first shipment in September. That's plenty of time, right? Maybe I'll try really hard to work on a sock tonight...maybe.

Rusted Root looks like this:

I'm finally to the end of those sleeves. Sheesh, this is taking a long time.

But really, why am I so impatient? Is it summer?

P.S.--I'm going to twist Max's arm and convince him that we should do this, as soon as I'm off work tomorrow!! We won't have much time there, though...so maybe Sunday would be a better day.

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Kar said...

OH MY GOSH! i drove by a sign for the fiber fair today and i laughed and thought of you!! if you do come, you can come visit me! The house is a DISASTER, but will hopefully be better after i do some overhauling. I only about 15 miles from crystal lake tops. give me a call if you want to stop by!