A word of advice...don't do business with these people, unless you don't want to get any responses to emails and want wait FOREVER for your package to arrive. Oh, and when you do send emails, you specifically state that you would like some sort of notification from them WHETHER OR NOT they can cancel your order...they still don't respond...

Oh...and weeks later, you check your account and the money is about to come out and then the doorbell rings and you have a box of yarn that you tried to cancel but BECAUSE OF POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE you were UNABLE to do. Oh and, by the way, STILL no responses to your emails.

So...now I have more Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Candy Apple than I know what to do with. Jeez. It's not that I had to wait...that's not why I wanted to cancel the order. The reason was that I was not responded to. If I send an email about the status of an order...it is NOT crazy to expect a response, even if that response is a "no, I'm sorry, but we cannot cancel orders." If that had happened I would have just waited...I would have been annoyed...but I would have waited...I WOULDN'T have assumed that the store was a joke/not real/closed down and went elsewhere with my business. But I did...and now I have tons of really red yarn...whatever.

You've been warned. Do with that what you will.

I've been working "hard" on my Rusted Root. I think it is going to be really cute...once it's finished. Right now, it is just an odd blob that is slowly overtaking the circular it is on. Today was a day of laundry and knitting...but all I worked on was Rusted Root, because I want to get done with the arms before I work on something else (the fronts of the purple Lace Blouse).

Oh, I bought another knitting book:

Believe it or not, I actually bought it because there are two sweaters in my queue that are NOT FOR ME in this particular book. They are planned for Max...can you believe it?? I let him browse the book and choose his next sweater and he picked one of the two!! This one:

It's Jarret...It's sexy. Of course in browsing the book, I found about a million sweaters for me too...but I can't think about it right now. I have too much on the needles right now.

Let's talk about that:
1. Rusted Root
2. Lace Blouse
3. Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern
4. Gentleman's Fancy Sock **not technically on the needles...I have to start sock two.

Yet...I can't stop thinking about new projects...that I don't have the yarn for.

What I DO have the yarn for:
1. Butterfly dress (Alpacas with a twist fingering)
2. Child's Sock in Miranda Pattern (that Regia Bamboo Color)
3. Breeze sock (Panda cotton sock yarn)
4. Hanami stole **still deciding if I really want to make it...it's gorgeous (Pink AlpacaWare fingering)

So...that's two pairs of socks that I have yarn for...a dress and a stole. ALL LACE. Part of me thinks I need to work on something non-lace for a while...but I guess Rusted Root is mostly stockinette. Oh, I really want an FO someday soon...I really, really do...If only to have something better to blog about.

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