Trying my hand

Once again, I am attempting to spin. I am using some roving that I bought at a yarn store that was going out of business AGES ago.

To aid in this adventure, I got a hold of the book "Spinning in the old way" and have been reading up on proper spinning techniques.

Of course...none of that means anything.

Trying my hand
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WTF?? Is it supposed to look like that? All lumpy and chunky and odd and not nice-like? I'm just wondering. I've never met a spinner in real life to ask them and my only sources of knowledge thus far have been hard-to-understand directions on the interwebs and my new book.

And So...with that....

Any spinners out there? lol ^.^


Kar said...

oooh spinning...i don't think i could do that!

hows the wedding planning going?

Lindsey said...

My attempts at a drop spindle haven't turned out much better. Though I have convinced myself that if I could just get my hands on a spinning wheel I could make a nice, even hand-spun yarn...Not sure if that's just a dream or a possible reality. Good luck!