Knitting and Spinning

I don't blog as much as I used to. I am not at the top of my game and I'm sick of having to tell the world that I've not made much progress on my projects. I set goals for myself all of the time and they always seem to get set back lately. It's getting to be pretty frustrating.

I think I'm starting to figure out the whole spinning thing. Although I need to read more...the book gets MUCH more thorough later on, I realize. I went ahead and spun up one of those gray rovings that I bought ages ago.

I'm wondering if I need a new spindle? I find this one to be kind of bulky and clumsy...not to mention a bit heavy and unattractive. I don't know. The only way I can really get my hands on one is if I order one online...and then it's a risk...because I won't be able to closely inspect it to be sure it's what I want. BAH...I wish Max would just get into to woodworking already like he wants to...a lovely carved or wooden inlay spindle would be a really nice thing to learn on, wouldn't it?? Small, but functional....???? Just a thought, honey.

That Lace Blouse? Still not finished. My goal is to have most if not all of the knitting done by next Sunday. Considering that I keep getting set back, however, that goal will most likely not be reached.

Those socks? My second is less than halfway done. Max's second hasn't been started yet.

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