It feels like a sin because I don't have a ball winder

But I do sort of enjoy the lackadaisical, thrown together look of a hand wound ball of yarn.

I wound up that wonderful hunk of Fearless Fibers merino into a huge, nearly planetary, ball of wonderful socky goodness. Max:

He thinks he's cool holding a planet in his hands...oh, and he looks kind of creepy too, doesn't he?

I've already finished the cuff and today I will be starting the fun part where the pattern picks up. I will show you again once it comes out.

I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and flipped through the latest issue of Craft. I haven't enjoyed this newbie magazine very much until this issue. It's all about Japanese crafts or other crafts with a cutesy Japanese flair. Of course, such a thing appeals to my sensibilities. Hello, bachelor in Japanese here... It had a lot of great websites and such that I would like to check out. The thing is, Craft is horribly overpriced. I normally can't justify buying it...but maybe this one time I will make an exception.

Anime Central begins on Friday!! I am SUPER excited even though I will not be dressing up. I will be dressing CUTE, but not UP...if you know what I mean. I really wanted to go as her, but wasn't able to pull my shit together in time. Go figure. I also wanted to go as her, but again, that shit...well, it just sort of stayed all spread apart...That's kind of gross...I take things too far sometimes. ^.^ But whatever. It's probably more fun when you're all dressed up because people want to take your picture...I don't think I am really so starved for attention that not being photographed will ruin my time. I was going to create an ACen flickr group for people to post their preparations and photos of the con, but I probably won't now...because I'm not preparing anything myself and why create something that I am not going to be able to fully enjoy? We'll see. I might change my mind...maybe...if there proves to be a desire for such a thing. Hint, hint, wink wink...searching for comments from any lurkers out there...

I will try to take tons of pictures of the ultimate geekiness that is Anime Central 2007 and will post them up here. Keep watching, it may be ridiculously/hilariously awesome.

Ehem...anyway...back to the knitting. I finished the sock I was working on!!!! Of course, I couldn't resist taking a million and a half photos of it!

Child's First Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. A little tight in the instep, but it has gotten better from wearing it around the house a bit.

Any sock knitters out there? I have a few questions about WTF is up with socks. Is it just me, or are they supposed to be sort of stiff feeling...and not stretch very well? When you take the sock off, does it look all huge...as though you had canckles? Is the instep usually super tight and the heel flaps don't seem long enough? These are just a few things that I've noticed that I'm having issues with and I'm wondering if I am the only one.

Other projects: I haven't worked on anything else very much. I'm going to work on my lace sweater a bit today, but I will probably be focused on Max's sock for a while...until the excitement of working on something new goes away (probably a few days, give or take). I will keep you posted. Until next time!!!!


Tara D said...

Sock knitter here. I have found that lace socks have a lot less give than stockinette or ribbed socks. Hand knitted socks will look a lot bigger than store-bought socks, but they'll fit tighter. Of course, you can always adjust the pattern to your preference. I'd recommend the book Sensational Knitted Socks to get a perfect fit.

You can drop my an email if you want help with pattern numbers too.

Kar said...

my beads came today!! and i changed my bridesmaid dresses...eep!