This is a long-ish kind of post

Cables kill me. They just kill me, that's all. I have started (finally) my next knitting project and am very excited...but in a lot of pain. I didn't realize how physically demanding knitting up cables could be. So, I've only completed one complete repeat of the cable pattern for the back...only seven more to go. And again on the fronts (x 2) and the sleeves (x 2). I've decided not to rush myself on this one like I did on The Russian's sweater. To rush on cables seems (at least to me) to be suicidal at best. Here's what the sweater looks like in the magazine (vogue knitting, btw):

I actually swatched like a good little knitter (ehem...I think this is the first time I ACTUALLY swatched for all patterns within a design. Meaning, I did a stockinette swatch AS WELL AS a cable swatch. whoa).

I think I got gauge!

While the progress is slow:

I'm just trying to enjoy the process on this one. However, that doesn't keep me from thinking about future projects. In fact, I already know that my next project will be out of THIS BOOK and looks a little something like this:

I already have "the yarn" for it. I put the bunny ears around that because the pattern calls for silk tape and I have cotton tape. It may not be as luxurious, but it will be more economical...that's always a good thing when you're paying off student loans.

Let's take a moment to talk about a few other projects I am in love with. These are all out of my newest knitting book, WEDDING KNITS! I LOVE this book. Most of the stuff in it is appropriate for any occasion and not overly, you know, "wedding." It is full of simple, elegant, and feminine designs as well as some great gift ideas. I LOVE IT. Here are a few of the designs I'm drooling over:

This wrap sweater is, by far, my favorite thing in the book. It's just such a good idea! Actually, I saw a woman (who was pregnant) wearing one like this a few months ago and I remember thinking it was just the greatest thing ever. I'm so psyched to have a pattern like this now!

These arm warmers are a bit plain, but I still think they are cute. They would work all scrunched up too, I think. Plus, they are EASY.

This is just a simple shrug and wouldn't take me very long to make. I'm considering this for my bridesmaids, but haven't decided yet.

How cute is that robe? It looks super comfy, too.

Now, this I am incredibly excited about. About a year ago, I was looking feverishly for a pattern for a cute pair of knitted short shorts...I was going to use them for ballet warm-ups, I recall (hmmm...I should look into those lessons soon). Now, I have an ultra-cute short shorts pattern at my disposal! How fortunate am I?!

OK...just adorable. Simple, short, and sweet. Look at those butterflies...and the chocolate brown ribbon. We KNOW how Jessica likes her chocolate brown (see my bedroom AND living room walls).

Now, I think I could LIVE in a sweater like this. I'm talkin', I'd wear it EVERY DAY like Max wears his Cambridge Jacket (by the way, he's worn it every day since I finished it...no exaggeration). Just perfect...perfect, perfect. I can't WAIT .

And finally, just about the cutest bikini ever. It wouldn't be good for getting wet in, but I don't really do much of that anyway. I'm more of a sunbather than a frolic in the sea type. Seeing a cute knitted bikini like this almost makes me want to go someplace tropical for our honeymoon...almost. I just don't think they'd have good yarn in the Caribbean (haha). Greece is sounding nice, though...really nice...

I also love THIS BOOK...and can't stop thinking about THIS BOOK.

A fellow knit blogger was quite impressed by the new clothes Target has to offer. I was there last night, buying one of those rubber band exercise things, and I must say, she's totally right. I had forgotten how much I love Target. I had to stop myself from spending all of my tip money on a pair of shoes and a purse (I loved each separately as it were, but how great is it that they MATCHED PERFECTLY. Oh, BTW, the purse linked to is not ACTUALLY the purse I saw. It was the same style, but was more like a tote...nice and big...perfect for knitting!). Alas...I could not purchase them...alas, alas, alas. I hope they have it all when I get my next paycheck.

I wonder if the bookstore at Mitsuwa has moved into Asahiya's old bookstore spot...hmmm, we may need to make a trip there soon to find out. I hope that, when they DO move, they will carry more Japanese craft books. As it is now, they only have a few (very few, too few. So few that it is ridiculous). Having a bigger store should encourage them to stock more craft books, don't you think?

I want very badly to sew something. I'm thinking of converting a pair of jeans I hardly wear into a denim pencil skirt. Also, my favorite jeans have ripped and I want to patch them. My poor dark wash boot-cut Levis have been worn, worn, worn...but I refuse to give up on them! A patch (or two, for balance, you know) is all it needs!

Man, I BLOGGED today! That's all...really...for now.


Kar said...

so you must feel loved because you get comments...oh and you haven't responded to the myspace message about bridesmaid dresses...i may blog some tonite...but not much updating...but i wish i got comments...and i love target as well

Kar said...

lol, i just checked my blog...yay for posts...linen paper is thicker. I may just have to go to a paper store and find what weight i like...and i totally like the dual language ones...totally you both! check out that envelope site though..it's nice :)