Ok, so today...

I am planning on working kick ass (as in Bruce Willis circa Die Hard) on the second front of my Jawbreaker Cardigan from the latest Interweave. Yes, I know...there aren't any pictures yet...that's the other half of my day.

I must get through the boxes that are stacked up in the guest bedroom! I can't find anything! Including the cord for my camera that allows all that lovely pictureness to happen. So, until I can find it, you must be satisfied with my attempts to describe my progress sans photo.

Jawbreaker Cardigan: Back=completed Right Front=completed Left Front=only 1 1/2 inches long right now Sleeves=negative Collar=negative

Rants about the Jawbreaker: I finished the back and was all "I just love this yarn and the stripes are lovely." So, I cast on for the right front and because it's about half the width of the completed back, the stripes are quite a bit wider and the colors don't change frequently enough for me. That's what I get for using a striping yarn...I should have known better, but it didn't even cross my mind. This is my first knitted cardigan, after all. Oh well...I still think it will look cool, even if it is a bit wonky in the end. I'm trying to think of it as a benefit to the overall organic feeling of the yarn knit up. Yeah? Ok, cool...I'm cool with that. I'm not all matchy-matchy anyway. I have been known to wear plaid with prints and such...because that's the kind of cool I am.

Swallowtail Shawl: I stopped in the middle of the middle row of the pattern repeat that I'm on. I'm just writing it here in case I forget the next time I pick it up...I'm on Row 3 just before the repeating stitches AFTER the center stitch...DON'T FORGET.

We thought it would be fun yesterday to take a trip Downtown...it was bitterly cold...but I wanted to go to the Levi's store...wanted those skinny jeans...couldn't fit in them. "I AM TOO SKINNY FOR SKINNY JEANS? WHAT?!" The sales dude, "yeah, you gotta eat more." Whatever...I'll just have to buy jeans in Japan from now on. :) If I ever get a chance to go back. So, since that didn't work out, we just went to Virgin and listened to some stuff and headed home...did I mention it was COLD? That walk to Union Station seems much longer when your hands (within gloves) hurt and you can't really feel your legs anymore, let alone your toes.

I found a bunch of CD's that I want to obtain...I'm not picky about how. Ben Kweller's got a new one...so does Damien Rice. I kind of want his B-Sides too. I want a The Who collection too, because I wouldn't mind hearing Pinball Wizard about a thousand times over...I haven't in a while.

I love you all.


Kara said...

yay for somewhat progress! i've worked a little on my stripey scarf...but that's it...i have xmas drama and wedding craziness going on :-/ we drove by the starbucks on friday but you weren't there :( see you soon hopefully! so you can see the shiny thing!

Maxim Khailo said...

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