Socks and lace

I'm beginning to get really frustrated with BOTH. Seriously, these socks are killing me. I'm on the second one of the pair and it should be easy...but I don't know what it is. I just can't concentrate on the pattern anymore...and I'm sick of doing surgery! For some reason, this particular yarn does not like to stay in place while frogging and just to remove a partial row of stitches is a stressful task that I DO NOT look forward to. Since knitting is SUPPOSED to be for fun...I think I'm putting these socks down for a while, just as I have put down the pink shrug. Isn't it pitiful how long these projects are taking me?

One piece that I have found enjoyable to work on is the Jawbreaker Cardigan. However, I have not even been able to finish the back because I left the project in the car and now Max can't find it! IT'S NORO! WHAT DO YOU MEAN "MAYBE PAUL OR SOMEONE PUT IT SOMEWHERE IN THE MOVE"!!!!!!????? FIND IT and find it FAST! Seriously, I don't feel like working on anything else and it is the one project that I can't find? What am I supposed to do? Work on the cabley blue scarf? I don't think so. Work on the swallowtail shawl? Hm...maybe I will work on that in the meantime even though I'll probably never wear the thing. I feel like all I ever wear now is a pair of black pants and a black polo/oxford...the rest of the time I'm in the bummin' clothes being boring around the house...what good's a pink shrug when you don't show it off? Oh well. I guess I'll go work on it now because I have some time before work. I just hope that the lace pattern doesn't frustrate me (it didn't before, but neither did the snowflake pattern for my sock). If it does frustrate me, I'll have to put it down and read some Dostoevsky instead...that won't be too bad.

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Kara said...

yay post!! i haven't finished most of my stuff...i had a few good weeks then it all went to crap...i have to clean my apt...oh! and apply to that job w/me and jessica...one girl that started just quit...not because it's bad...but they'd hire you! ttyl!