Second post of the day

I know I've already posted today...but I just had to post again.

First bit of news: MAX GOT THE LOAN! We're getting the condo! Yay! Just as long as nothing goes terribly terribly wrong before the closing date...

Second bit of news: THIS!

The start of my Swallowtail Shawl. That was the best picture I could get.

Third bit of news: THIS!

That's right, a completed sock for SOCTOBER! I actually like this one! Now, I am going to start on the second one. The only problem that I see is that maybe I didn't make the foot long enough. The heel doesn't EXACTLY feel like it fits right. I think if I had done one more repeat of the lace pattern before the foot, it would have been better. But now I have to make the other one the same way and hope that in time they will stretch to fit me properly. Another problem is that the toe stitches seem loose and sort of "see-through." I suck, but my sock (at least by my standards) doesn't.

Happy knitting!


Kar said...

yay!! for loan and sock!! are you coming to my fun party!?? and i have been crafting...i decided it would be more fun to make a pirate costume than buy one...i need to fix the corset (should've used strechier fabric to hide flaws) but not bad for a first attempt i'd say...i guess project runway inspired me....and i have to finish the skirt but it's nothing complex....and yes, we should crochet/knit together!

Kar said...

you find a crochet sock pattern and i'm there!! and i hope you can make it and where do you host your pictures??