I really like knitting

and Max has told me that there is nothing wrong with that, but I still feel like maybe there is something wrong about it. I'm not allowed to spend every waking minute knitting...not yet anyway. I still have a lot of stuff that I need to finish before I knit myself to exhaustion. Because of knitting, I forgot all about that guide I was supposed to make for the school I went to in Japan. The study abroad fair...IS TOMORROW. SHIT! Max is going to help me out with it, but still...I was all motivated to finish it last week...early...and then I completely forgot about it. The same thing goes for that paper I'm supposed to write to finish my Japanese degree (that's right, people who know me...it still isn't finished yet). I wish I could kick my own ass sometimes, really. It all just needs to be over, that's all. Really, that's all. If I didn't have these two things to do, I really could knit completely guilt free. But for now, my knitting is done like coke...in secret, knowing I should be doing other things with all that powder under my nose. Your welcome for the vivid imagery. :p OK...so, as soon as that other business is taken care of...knitting will be guilt free. That's the plan.

Speaking of coke, I cast on another project. The Swallowtail Shawl from Interweave Fall '06. I have been working up the courage for it for a long time and finally gave in...it is looking good so far, but I haven't gotten to the P5tog's yet! Much swearing will ensue at that point, I'm sure. I'll post pictures later...I just don't feel like it right now...I only wanted to blog a bit to pull my thoughts together.

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