Bad, blogging person...bad, bad, bad...

I haven't blogged IN AGES. I haven't knitted anything IN AGES...can you even believe that?! I sure can't. I have made NO PROGRESS on any knitting project (I really only have two going right now) since my last knitting-related post!! The way things are going, I should have NO PROBLEM not buying yarn until my b-day (Nov. 14).

Don't think that I've been doing nothing all of the time. I have been working on some other dreams of mine quite diligently...but I won't see the fruits of it until possibly months from now...if I see them at all. It's one of those hit or miss things. Yes, I'm being incredibly vague and secretive about it...but, I'm not sure how much it would interest anybody anyway. Plus, I'm an avid believer in keeping certain things a secret so as not to jinx them. Pride is a killer of dreams, you know.

But one thing that I don't need to keep a secret is: I'M NOW ENGAGED!! I'm so excited. Here's the ring in one of those "effortless" poses:

And again in a more "tailored" pose:

And finally...the "money shot":

The specs, because girls like knowing these things: Tiffany & Co. (I feel like a princess, really), VS2 (you need a microscope to find a flaw), F color (second best, y'all), .36 CT, PT 950. It's simple and wonderful and the diamond is the PERFECT size for my little hands!

Isn't it perfect? The Russian is really the best thing that has ever happened to me. He is my sanity and I am so glad that he wants me to stick around him forever. YAY FOR ME!!!!

I am going to clean up our room now. Then, I will brush my teeth. After that, I will try to knit a repeat on the shrug (or maybe only half a repeat...or only a few rows). Then, I will work on afore mentioned "other dreams" for probably the rest of the day.

In other news, I have joined Socktoberfest! I am not sure why I have done it...because I've only knit one sock in my life and wasn't too pleased with the results. However, I am now feeling that I am willing to try again. Now, I just need to find a cute sock pattern. Any suggestions? I'll keep all posted on the progress of my decision. I do have one issue, though. I do not have a clue how to add a socktoberfest button to my blog...so, if any socktoberfesters chance upon my blog...surely, you know the drill.

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