Two Sweaters.

One big. One small.


  • Yarn: Cascade Eco +
  • Mods: None
  • Verdict: I love it. It's easy to put on and go.


  • Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman
  • Yarn: Newton's Yarn Co., merino cashmere blend and a touch of Brown Sheep Nature Spun fingering
  • Mods: None
  • Verdict: He only fit in it for a short while because I used fingering. Even when it did fit him, it was short in the arms. This seems to be part and parcel to the pattern itself and not a mistake or gauge issue. In the future, I will use a much heavier yarn and figure out a way to lengthen the sleeves. Still, it was very cute while it fit.

Other news:

I have a thousand things on the needles. Hopefully, I will finish some of it soon.

Babies are distracting...in a good way. Sorry I haven't posted lately. I really do want to get back to it. Does having the cutest three month old ever count as a good excuse? I mean, come on. Just look at this kid!

Grrrr! I know. Very scary. ;)


Léa et Aurélie said...

Many wonderful things to show us... I love both sweaters, but I must admit I have a little preference for your cute cute baby!

Jez said...

:) Thank you, girl! I sort of have a preference for him as well. I never knew I'd have such a crush on him. :)