Remember these?

Here are a few pics of Warren in two of those soakers I knit him. He was only able to fit in these for the first two weeks, now they are way too small for him. :(

He still looks so little to me, but I guess the boy has grown a lot. :) A lot of his newborn clothes don't fit anymore, especially with the cloth diapers creating extra bulk.Can I just say that I think Warren is totally awesome? While I do find motherhood (and especially breastfeeding) to be more stressful than I anticipated, this kid is adorable enough to make it all worth it. He completed his 6th week of life yesterday and he's becoming more alert, playful, and stronger everyday. I'm pretty sure most of the smiles are still gas related, but I think more and more of those cute little faces are becoming intentional. He even laughed in his sleep this morning.

Here are a few of his "Six Week" pictures:

Cute. That's all. Just cute.

But enough baby talk, you're here for the knitting. I'm working on approximately 80,000 projects right now without really having any time at all to work on them. I'm nearly finished with a Baby Surprise Jacket:

I've made more progress than the photo lets on. I swear. It will be done in a day or so. Then...PICTURES! Of the "modeled" variety!

I'm also getting close to finishing a sweater for me. Here's a sleeve:

I've actually finished both sleeves and most of the body up to the point where it all gets joined into one piece. Yeah. Like I said, I'm getting close. Good job, me.

And it's a good thing too, since I just bought yarn for another sweater (from the most recent Interweave) and I might need to use the same needles...depending on my gauge and preference...blah, blah, blah.

I've got much more than that on the needles, but let's be honest. I'm not working on them religiously. I have nearly warped my loom too, but I can only work on warping it in small bursts before being interrupted. Once it's finally warped, it will be easier to squeeze in weaving time than knitting time, I'm sure. Or maybe not. I've never tried to weave with a newborn in the house before. I've never tried sewing with one either...and I just bought fabric to make a ring sling. Perhaps, I am in over my head here.

A final bit of blabber. Stitches Midwest is fast approaching. My attendance is undecided. I would like to go, but there are three things that might stop me: convenience, finances, and potential visitors that weekend. We shall see. I haven't missed a Stitches since I learned it existed.


librarian pirate said...

Oh my goodness your baaaaaby! He's beautiful.

Jez said...

lol. Thanks!! :)