Some things

Well, I'm officially full term with all this pregnancy business. That's a big deal. We only have 14 days until the due date. So, there's that going on...just waiting. So much waiting.

To pass the time, we took some belly shots. Here are a few of my favorites:

These were taken at 37 Weeks, 4 Days. :)

I have been sewing diapers. Here they are:

I used the Rita's Rump Pocket pattern for them. The first four (dogs and monsters) are "stuffable" and the other two (frogs) are "done stuffed and ready." I'm going to keep making the "done stuffed and ready" variety, but I think I'm going to try out a different pattern to see what I like the most. Another thing I am hoping to change is the material that I use to make the soaker pads. I have a ton of polyester fleece fabric and that is what I used, but I think I'd rather use a few layers of thin cotton batting and flannel. I just have to find some. I'm not sure that 100% cotton batting is something I can easily find at Joann's. Not being a quilter, I've never looked at the batting they carry.

I hear pregnant women can be crazy. I guess I am no different. On a whim, I decided to start two shawls. One of which is of the beaded lace variety: Aeolian. It's actually moving along quite quickly. I am surprised because it looks like it should be really complicated. Of course, I'm only on the first chart. I might be singing a different tune in a week or so when I'm juggling a complicated lace pattern and a newborn on close to zero sleep. Yeah, didn't really think that through...because I also bought needles to start a Shipwreck Shawl...and hope to get it started as soon as said needles arrive.

Here's the Aeolian in progress. I've done a few more repeats since the photo was taken:

The second shawl I started is less crazy making and I'm loving it because I'm using my handspun! It's the Citron shawl, but my yarn is much thicker and I'm using size 8s instead of the 6s called for in the pattern. It's also working up quickly...but I'm going to have to spin up the rest of the yarn soon or it will be stalled indefinitely!

See? It looks good in my handspun! :) I don't knit with handspun very much, but I really should make more of an effort to do so. I'm so much more proud of the results when I know I made the yarn myself.

Well, I don't know what else to say. That's about it. Maybe next time I blog, I'll have a baby to show you. I'm really hoping he comes sooner rather than later. :)


easily distracted said...

Is the Aeolian yarn handspun too? Because I'm kind of in love with it. And your Citron yarn. (Lori's started a Citron, too! I feel left out!)

JoAnn does indeed sell 100% cotton batting. It comes in an unbleached variety too, iirc.

Jez said...

Ah, the Aeolian yarn is Malabrigo lace...and it's like buttah. I am going to bitch slap whoever skeined it up, though, because half of the skein was tangled. Like, ACTUALLY tangled...sigh.

Eliana said...

Oh, time past so fast, Jez!!! You and your belly are beautiful!

It's great to see that your knitting mojo never ends. Love the yarn and color!!

Jez said...

Thanks, Eliana! The knitting mojo comes and goes. There are days when I can't stand the thought of touching yarn and needles and others when I can't stop casting on new things! I think casting on projects is how I'm taking control of my situation! :) Knitting can be quite empowering! lol

Léa et Aurélie said...

Beautiful pictures! Great projects! Thanks for this upper cute post!