Turtle Butt

  • Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted in Turquoise and Orange
  • Recipient: Armen Uel (aka, "Womb Monster.")
  • Verdict: Adorable, as expected. I think with this pattern it is nearly impossible for it not to be cute. I'm only making this one in the newborn size because it was a lot of work for something that will only last a few weeks. Also, I won't make any more in this yarn. It's just a little bit too fuzzy for my liking. I have a ton left over, and I'm thinking of making a striped sweater or something with it.
So, you might have noticed above that the Womb Monster now has a name. That is because we had another ultrasound about a week ago and found out "it" is a "he," with 80-90% certainty. He wiggled around too much and when he was sitting still, it was an awkward position. So, we are just going with "It's a Boy!!!!" and leaving it at that. :)

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Maxim Khailo said...

the way he kicks around, he is a ninja turtle.