Today's Lesson

Today's lesson is "Never assume. Always baste." I can't tell you how many times I have sewn beautiful seams, pressed them open (sometimes even finished the entire garment) before realizing that I needed a little bit more wiggle room. Which meant I had to rip out the seams I just painstakingly stitched and finished.

Well, I just did it again.

I pinned it to "roughly" to where the 5/8" seam should be and I'll be damned if I dare take a breath! Here's what I don't understand though. I created a muslin on the dress form and while the dress form isn't a perfect model of me, it should be a perfect model of itself shouldn't it? My muslin pieces, which are identical to those cut in my fashion fabric, seemed to fit the form when I created them. I definitely have a lot to learn about pattern creation and modification, but I just don't get it. It's not as bad as it could be, I guess. I have plenty of fabric in the seams to let it out a bit and I'm really not that far off in terms of this bodice fitting in the waist (like a 3/8" seam rather than a 5/8"). It is quite annoying, nonetheless.

The annoying part is not that I messed up and have to sew it up again. I expect things like that in creative endeavors of any kind. What's aggravating is that I didn't baste the seam first to make sure it was going to fit me! So, picking out those stitches is going to be a royal pain in the ass!


Eliana said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for you, but I'm sure that you'll find a good solution for this.
Thank you for sharing your experience with us :)

Becca said...