Stitches Midwest

I went. I spent a hell of a lot of money on two sweaters worth of yarn...but in my defense, I haven't bought yarn in a really long time and I won't be buying yarn again for at least a few months.

Possibly my favorite purchase is my habu kit. I don't have pictures of it because they actually have to ship it to me...which they said they should be rolling on by today or tomorrow. Hopefully I will get it by Saturday, but who the hell knows? Here's the link. The color that I chose is not one listed on the page, but I will tell you that it is the most obnoxious red that anyone has ever seen. What's cool about this sweater/yarn, and the reason that I was willing to spend nearly $200 to make a sweater from it, is that it is a stainless steel core wrapped in 100% silk. So, it has memory. I played with it at the convention and it didn't feel like it would be uncomfortable to wear at all, which was something that had worried me. I hear that it is tricky to get the hang of knitting with it, but I will do it. I have no choice but to finish the sweater.

My second/third purchase is for the Flower Buds/Blomsterknopper sweater from Japanese Inspired Knits:

Finally, Max bought something at the convention that he just had to have:

We have the coolest door mat in the effin' building!


Eliana said...

With so many beautiful yarns, how not to get excited for buying them? I love all your choices!

Jez said...

But now I'm broke!!!! lol :) I can't spend money on yarn for a long time...