Stitches Midwest Jabber and an FO

So. Because I know it's what people really care about when they go to knitting blogs:

A finished Montego Bay Scarf!! It's knit in Knit Picks Shimmer in the Cumulus colorway. I must say, the yarn is completely lovely. When I wrap this baby around my neck, it is so light that I hardly notice it is there. Good thing, because I have been known to get a tension headache from wearing a necklace.

Ok, and because my blog posts have been lacking in wit and commentary lately, let's talk about Stitches! It is fast approaching and I. Can't. Wait. I don't know if I ever mentioned this on the bloggy-wog, but I've been on a yarn diet. I haven't purchased any yarn or fiber since July 19th! After the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair, I realized that I have more than enough of both to last me quite a while. So, I decided not to buy yarn until Stitches Midwest (September 10th-13th) and then not until my birthday after that (November 14th).

But now Stitches is nearly here and I need to figure out what I am going to buy!! Ahhhhhh!! I'd like to try to stick to my Ravelry Queue if at all possible, but I know I'll probably break that rule. One thing I know I want to try to get is a kit from Habu Textiles. I've been in love with their stuff for a long time, but have never ordered from them. It's just one of those things. I see them every year at stitches and drool. This year is the year. Other than that, I have no plan! I want a plan!

I think I might try to get a sweater's worth of yarn. I'm sort of leaning toward Zelda by Joan McGowan Michael, but I really love Sherbet by Katya Frankel too! Oh, and we mustn't forget Aimee by Kim Hargreaves, which uses four balls of the ever-decadent Kidsilk Haze and will simply be amazing to wear... Oh, and then there is the Mimico Vest by Barbara Gregory, which would allow me to use a new-to-me technique called mosaic knitting. But I also really want to knit Blomsterknopper by Marianne Isager (along with basically everything else in her book, Japanese Inspired Knits, which I'll probably buy soon).

So, in other words, I'm completely torn. :/ Help.


Anonymous said...

I would be torn up too!

The Litter Box House said...

I'm on the same boat with figuring out my strategy for Stitches!

So I'm adding the tag Stitches to all of the patterns in my queue that I would love to make soon. Then I will pull up that tab to quickly find them all and sit down and figure out what kind of yarn would work for each pattern (wpi, gauge, weight, etc). I'll even print out a little picture of the pattern to help me find the right yarn for that pattern. I tend to obsess on matching patterns with yarn before buying yarn. Good luck at figuring out your strategy!

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