Doing stuff

Check it:

That's a seamed and ready for more knitting action Snowdrop Jacket! I tried it on and it looks good! Woot! I'm not looking forward to weaving in all those loose ends. Sheesh.

I also started this, pattern here:

It's the Best Friend Cardigan by Wenlan chia. I'm modifying it to be roomier and tunic length rather than the super short tight thing you see in the pattern pic. So far, it is going well, and VERY quickly, but I must say...if this thing doesn't look fantastic I will likely never do another chunky knit like this. It HURTS my hands to use such large needles for extended periods of time. If it looks great, I will suffer again. If it only looks so-so, those size 19s are going into the garbage (not really, I couldn't do that, but you get the idea).

And just when you thought I might shut up, I have one more thing to talk about. It won't take long, I promise. I got a dress form for Christmas and it just arrived at the store today! I'm about to take a shower and head over there right NOW! I'll post pics, of course! OF COURSE!

Love, peace, and Chicken grease! (name that movie and you'll get a pat on the back next time I see you, lolz)

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