If Progress Were a City...

...I'd live there.

My Snowdrop Jacket is ready to block! Woot! Now, just because it needs to block does not mean that I am done with the knitting for it. I have knit the main body pieces (fronts, back, sleeves, and sleeve cuffs) but once it is all seamed together I will have to pick up for a collar and a border around all the raw edges. I also have to finish off the pockets (they just need a border knit onto them and then must be carefully attached to the fronts). But seriously, guys? I'm close. I'm very close. I never expected to GET this close so soon with this crazy sweater. I half expected that I would lose interest somewhere along the way because it is a somewhat complicated ("tedious" might be a better word, actually) pattern.

I'm going to say it again: Yay. Double Yay.

In other news, no yarn has arrived for the Christmas knitting extravaganza that I will be participating in. The site says it should arrive on the 18th! AHHHHHH! That pretty much gives me no time at all to get these projects done! I will not admit defeat until I am defeated! And that can't possibly happen until December 25th!

In other other news, my mom is coming up to visit for the weekend. She will be arriving on Friday. On Saturday, we intend to be geeky tourists in Chinatown. lol I'll never grow out of being a geeky tourist in Chinatown.

Big Trouble in Little China was an awesome movie, by the way. I say so only in case you didn't know that already.

Oh, and one more thing. I have decided that I want a knitting machine. I know. Blasphemy. But I'm always seeing sweaters that I want to buy in the store...then I don't because I know that I could knit them...then I don't knit them because they are SUPER DUPER boring. So, in the end, I don't get the sweater because I'm a snob...and I don't get the sweater because I am lazy. Lazy snobs such as myself benefit from knitting machines. lol And actually, they are still a great deal of work to operate. It's not like you flip a switch and leave it alone for a while, returning to a sweater. From what I hear, it's more like weaving on a loom...and no one ever calls a weaver lazy. No one I know would, anyway.


juuli said...

You are so right about a knitting machine, why not cut some corners if you can. And it is for the boring stuff anyways, not that you would be knitting your fine lace scarfs with it.
Hmm, maybe I should consider one, too... I end up not buying the sweaters I love for the same reasons as you. Plus that the yarn is often kind of crappy, too.

Jez said...

Yes, I am certainly hoping to get one for Christmas this year! lol I have been laying on the hints pretty thickly, it should be hard for my husband to miss them. lol