Spinning Up Lovin'

I haven't posted in a while.

That's some BFL that I'm in the process of plying. I have a small skein of spindle spun like this and it is MUCH FINER. Dammit. What on Earth am I going to do with it?

While at the St. Louis Botanical Garden, I came across a flock of sheep. How could I resist taking the following photo?:

To see more of my shenanigans with my buddy Michelle, go to my flickr page.

STITCHES MIDWEST IS THIS WEEKEND!!!! I told Maxim that I will be buying yarn, but that he should be happy because it will be man-sweater yarn. :p I just can't decide which lovely man-sweater to make him. Cobblestone, Retrograde, or Beau? ((sorry, non Ravelers...))

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