Last Night

Last night, Max had to drag me out of my depressed stupor to get some fresh air. We walked to the Caribou that is right down the street and to our surprise we found two acquaintances there chatting with one another. They knew each other! And we knew each of them separately! How weird is that? What an awesome social species we are. We are all so interconnected.

We closed the store chatting about politics and the like...and I was happy for an opportunity to spout out a few of my favorite conspiracy theories to fresh ears. Max has already heard all of it. So, I was excited to amuse someone else for a change.

It was nice. I'm not completely over the melancholy that preceded, but I felt much happier on the walk home and could enjoy the fresh air in my lungs which I stubbornly ignored on the way to the coffee shop. I also feel slightly more inspired, but not terribly so. I still feel as though I don't know enough. I must learn more.

There's nothing wrong with that.

Oh, I was working on a Stitches Booty Post, but my camera is spazzing. I haven't been able to take a nice picture in a few days. I think the thing is finished, which kind of makes me sad. It is the camera that I took to Japan, the camera I snapped a few wedding day pictures on. I am sentimentally attached to the damned thing...but I'm about to come out of my denial and find a new one. :( So, there will likely not be a photo filled post for a while, unless I can get the thing to cooperate.

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Anonymous said...

Its always great to see how small the world is