Not much of one.

Well, I haven't done a knitting related blog in a while. So, I figured today was the day, not that I've been knitting or anything. I mean...I've been THINKING about it more and more over the past week or so, but I haven't picked up the needles.

I hope that changes soon.

I've been thinking a great deal about cosplay and I really want to get started sewing up another costume really, REALLY soon. This weekend, I will be making a duct tape dress form (I have all the supplies, lol) so that I can avoid the kind of sizing heartache that I had with my last sewing attempt. Ick...let's never speak of that again.

But yeah, Cosplay is fun to think about.

Oh, the real reason I'm updating is to inform all that I will be leaving shortly to attend the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair up in Crystal Lake. While there, I will be BUYING A SPINNING WHEEL!!!! My husband loves me. Ehem. Anyway. If I can't find the one I want there, I will just order it online and wait for it to come to me...but I really really hope they have it at the fair! I also plan to buy lots of fiber is various shades of pink to spin up on my new wheel (bulkily) and I will use it to start a scarf for a cosplay:
It's Miwako Sakurada from ParaKiss! Eeep! She's so adorable! I hope I can learn to spin on a wheel quickly so that I can churn out nice even bulky yarn for that awesome scarf! I shouldn't have too many problems though, because I already have the basics of drafting and such down from spinning on a spindle all this time.

Oh, I'll also be knitting the sweater AND the socks as pictured. I probably won't use handspun for it though. Unless, I end up REALLY loving my spinning wheel! Still, I'd have to justify using handspun on an oversized sweater like that. I'd never wear it except as this costume...but maybe I'm wrong about that. Maybe I'm wrong.

Ok, well, anyway. I will likely post again this weekend with sexy pictures of my new wheel, assuming I get one.

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