Helloooooooo, Productivity!

Dudes, check this out:

That's lots of handspun yarn and lots of progress on my mom's t-shirt...and my puppy getting into trouble while I'm photo-ing. Silly Tilly.

Stats (in order of photos):
  • Here we have around 204 yds of Cheviot wool singles. It's all sproingy and bouncy. It's pretty thick and thin, but mostly falls in the fingering range with a standard deviation of 3. lol.

    I don't know what I'll knit with it, maybe an organically lacey scarf(lette)?? A beret?? Maybe not enough here for a beret, bummerz...
  • This is approx. 106 yards of navajo plied Icelandic, which I have spun up on my new wheel. I have two mini skeins spun in the same manner that are 50 yards each. Those were spun on a drop spindle. I confess that I prefer the wheel. Eeep! I will call this yarn a sport or DK...Gawd, I need to stop being lazy and start measuring WPI. :p
  • My dear mother's sweater back. Waist decreases and increases complete, armhole decreases also complete. Now I just knit for 7 inches and then start shoulder shaping!

Who's awesome now? Who's made even more awesome by the use of bullet points?



Come on, people. It's ME! I'M awesome now...


Fine, whatever. In other news, we (the husband and I) are currently redesigning this blog. I'm just sick of using the standard blogger templates and want something new and fun, nothing to fancy, mind you. So far, it is looking good. It will remain at http://www.sugarsticks.org because we paid for that, dammit. :) So, keep a lookout for the new...look.

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