Nerves and Ambition

I've been writing everyday. It's been mostly journaling, but I have made some progress on a short story/novel? in the last few weeks. It's funny that I call a paragraph a day progress. What else is it? I'm not writing backwards.

I'm also very nervous right now because I sent out an application for a master's program. I know I'm smart enough. I'm sure my rec. letters are awesome. There is really nothing to worry about. Still, I am terrified that I won't be accepted. It wouldn't be the end all of my existence, of course, but it would make for a lousy weekend. Pray for me with all your might! Please?

((insert transition here)) This weekend we are putting in new floors. I'm so excited to get rid of this nasty carpet. Who's bright idea was carpet? It is dirty, filled with dust. When you think it is clean, it isn't. All the grime and nastiness has just settled DEEP INTO the carpet where your cheapo vacuum is useless! Add to this the presence of filthy cats (not the dog, and I'm NOT joking), and you have a recipe for disaster.

In other words, I can't wait for tomorrow, when we tear all of it out and git 'er gone.

I am wondering, however, about one thing. Floor cleaning products. Since I do have pets, I want to be careful with what I use on the floors because I don't want to irritate their "widdle paws." Something natural/semi-natural would be nice. Anyone have any suggestions??

Sigh. Fiber arts. My long lost friend. We both said some things we did not mean. I know it's going to be awkward, but I think we need to give things one more try. Let's meet up tonight and make amends. :) lol

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Kar said...

i would imagine you could dry swiffer the floors and wet swiffer them too. Or use the Arm and Hammer oil stuff that we used while growing up. None of our doggies had any issues with either. GL!