Obligatory Post part II

I'm definitely sick of a lot of things, the most irritating of which is stupid people masquerading as smart ones. I get tired of people who think they have the answers, but really haven't a clue. It's obvious to me...and to countless others, I'm sure...but not to them. I try so hard not to let it get to me, but I'm human. I see so many contradictions in the belief systems of some people. I believe people are good at heart and capable of wonderful things. I really do. It is just painful to me when I see how muddled some peoples' minds have become. It angers me...infuriates, consumes.

I am aware that I must first create peace in myself. If I face what I have dubbed stupidity in others with anger and frustration...as though it were a threat...then I will continue to suffer and so will those I care about.

As I say so often in this blog. "I'm working on it." :)


Kar said...

aw man, i hope i'm not one of those people :(

Electronic Goose said...

This is something I have and am struggling with also. I am, as the song goes, trying to evolve.

Good luck.