Etsy Shop Update

I have added a new item(s) to my Etsy shop.


There is a link to my shop on the left sidebar...check it out! I'm still working on a banner for my shop...lol

Ok, not shop related, but...I was thinking about a few things and I wanted to let all of my readers know that I sincerely appreciate your kind words of encouragement. I know it seems silly, but it means a lot to know I'm not crazy when I feel some of the negative emotions that I do from time to time. I love you all and happy knitting!!


ladybugslimited.com said...

Those brooches are fantastic! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Really Awesome broaches!

Electronic Goose said...

These brooches are fun!

Courtney said...

I'm not normally someone who can pull off the coolness of a brooch, but that one makes me want to try! I love it.