F-ing Os!

I'm a little ashamed to talk about this right now, but I have an awful number of WIP's. Granted, a few of them are in a frog pile (Cabled Cardigan--remember the white one?, Yarrow Ribbed socks--I hate Socks That Rock--may not actually frog it, but it sounds good every time I think about it...) or in perpetual hibernation (such as the cabled stole I'm designing, Estonian Garden Shawl and Purple Lace Blouse. These will be finished someday, but not yet...not yet...). However, there are quite a few little projects that aren't in hibernation.

My mom's socks. I can't stand working on them and I am not sure why. There are a few weird issues with the pattern and I'm hoping that it will all work out. The heel is kind of funny as it's written in the pattern...meaning off center and wrong. Others have found the same thing with this pattern. So, I know I'm not just messing it up. I fudged it and am moving on now, but it was kind of irritating. I'm learning from this project that it is no fun to knit two socks at the same time from the same ball of yarn (one end from the center of the center pull ball and one end from the outside). I've found that it is just about impossible to keep them untangled as you work. At least with two separate balls, you can easily put one on each side of you and criss-cross them to untangle as you go. With only one mega ball, it is sort of confusing and it all becomes a twisted mess. Perhaps this is another reason that I am not enjoying these socks. Well, whatever the reason, I must finish them pronto. My goal is Friday. Check up on me. Keep me on task. My mom needs handknit socks she'll probably never wear...NEEDS them as a token of my love, for goodness sake!

My Inga Hat is becoming quite a beautiful and majestic little unfinished thing. It will take basically no time at all to pull together. I'm not at all worried about that. I know I'm going to love it, so I have been using it as a diversion from my mom's socks. This is not a good idea. Friday, people. Friday. Hold me to it.

That sweater. You know. The one with all the horrible stockinette and raglan sleeves? Yeah, well, It's a drag and a half. A drag...and a half of one. However, the gift of needles Max gave me was enough motivation for me to finally cast on for the sleeves and they are now each three inches long. I knit sleeves two at a time because otherwise I'd most likely consider shooting myself in the eyeball.

The Swallowtail shawl is probably my second favorite WIP, next to the Inga Hat. It's coming along nicely and I'd much rather work on it that the socks or the sweater. I seriously need to hide both of them somewhere out of my sight so that I can work on the boring stuff. Stupid boring stuff.

OK, well I am going to end this blog. I just wanted to get things up to date. We are going to see Beowulf tonight. YAY! Tomorrow I will be trying to get back into the spinning. With NaNoWriMo and all, I just didn't have time for it. Oh, that reminds me. Tomorrow's blog will most likely be about Nano. Stay tuned...nothing profound or anything, I promise you that. :[

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