Even with things I'm excited about...

...I procrastinate. I love Halloween, looooooooooove it. You would think that just dreaming about the limitless fun I will have all dolled up in a ridiculous costume would be enough motivation to actually pull together said costume.

It isn't.

I blame it on the fact that I don't have the fabric yet...but really, I should have the fabric already. I should have gotten the fabric a week or even two weeks ago, but I didn't. I should have a gazillion sketches of the dress and a clear plan as to how I will pull off it's construction in a stress free manner. I should have done a little bit more research on how to sew in button bands, and other simple matters of garment construction (placement of bust darts etc...), but I haven't done any of that. I don't even know for sure what my measurements are.

I have a party this weekend. What a doof!

I have SO much to do. I have to make Max's suit fit him and "stripe-ify" it (I might make him do that so I can get a move on). I have to finish the mask that I'm making for Max too. Sheesh. I might even need to dye my hair, but I haven't actually decided if I will or not yet (I've never done it and always said I wouldn't).

I may have mentioned what our costumes are earlier, but I don't want to say too much about it because there is still a huge possibility that we will end up being something else. ((insert heavy sigh or other para-language here)).

All other knitting is on hold until sufficient progress is made here. I'm really itching to knit some lace...Swallowtail, anyone??

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