Whoo Hoo!!!!

Hip, hip, hooray! I have finished my Rusted Root. It is gorgeous!!!! It fits me PERfectly!!!! It's all blocked and lovely, but I don't have any photos of me wearing it just yet. I'm planning on doing a proper photo shoot and FO blog post later this week. I don't know, I may decide to wait until I have my new glasses and do a combined shoot! Regardless of how I plan to present them, you will get to see both (even if I don't like the glasses too much). They told me 7-10 days on the glasses...Naturally, I'm really impatient...if only because my eyes are constantly yelling at me to take out my contacts, while my aching head is telling me, "don't you dare put those old, heavy, black frames with the thick plastic lenses on me...I'll kill you...I'll keeeeeel you!"

Ok...just wanted to let you all know that I have an FO. Check back soon for an FO post proper!

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Kar said...

Oh my! my computer flipped out on me at work! But love the FO! I'm looking to try something new and bigger, where did you get the rusted root pattern?? Oh and i have a crochet imposter story to tell you about! AND my scarf that i started about 6 months ago is almost an FO!! I hope to finish it this week. And then I'll have tons of pics of all my current projects.