T. O. Let's Go! (I mean...with an E at the end...)

My Breeze socks will be finishing themselves soon enough. I'm at the toe now, and I'm actually pretty excited to work it. There is a continuation of the pattern onto the toe, which I've never done before. Yay for new things! Not that it will be difficult or anything...

Oh, stole...please...pretty, pretty please...knit yourself by my wedding day. Yes, it is slow moving. I know I said I'd work on solely the stole for awhile, but I am only human. There is only so much stole I can handle at a time. Maybe it's the pressure...

On the Rusted Root front, I have started to work the ribbing around the bottom edge of the sweater. I've been reading EZ's Knitting Without Tears on the sidelines, and have decided to use twisted knit stitches in the ribbing. I chose (at the suggestion of a wise ravelry-ite) to NOT go down a needle size as the pattern specifies. Apparently, some people have found it to be too tight. I knit very tightly, so I didn't want to take any chances. However, I didn't feel completely comfortable with the idea. So, EZ saves the day. It will naturally be a bit tighter than the rest of the garment due to the twisted stitches, but maybe not as horribly tight as it would be if I had gone down a needle size. Get it? We shall see.

Oh, and the twisted stitches make for a nice effect in the ribbing and really set it off from the rest of the garment:


I got my yarn from Knit Picks for the two hats I'll be starting as projects leave my needles. I'll start Max's We Call Them Pirates hat first, because he deserves it (every 7 projects I cast on for myself, I only cast on half of one for him...see Gentleman's Fancy Sock...half finished pair of socks....boo). I love him, I should knit for him.

I have some serious, big news...but I'm not ready to talk about it yet...

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