...and Miss

So, I walked into a room of about 30 people. "OK, just take a seat...we'll start in a few minutes." This seems fishy...I don't like this. Then, I hear another woman come in. "Welcome. What was your name?" "Before I even tell you...is this for selling insurance?" "Yes, it is." At that the woman threw up her arms and said quite forcefully, "Forget it! Nobody mentioned that before!" and walked away. With that, about 15 people that were waiting with me up and left...muttering things like "forget this," and "no way, girl."

I stay...I came all this way...and I might as well just listen even if I have no intention of taking this type of job.

At the end, which came slowly, I passed that application right by...stood and left...and four people followed behind me...without applications...most likely thinking the same thing I was: "I'll go to hell for having listened to this. For sure."

One who wishes to see the complete annihilation of our crooked insurance/healthcare system cannot and will not sell insurance. The commie in me twisted and turned uncomfortably in my chair the entire time.

Soul intact...heart a shambles. I am still without full time employment, but at least I'll go to heaven.

I know it's silly to feel so strongly about this...

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