Step on up! Scarf for sale!

I have finally put my scarf up for sale on Etsy.com!!!!

Here's the link to my store!


Please, please, PLEASE...check it out and let me know what you think...even if you aren't at all interested in buying it!! I'm going to put a wiki up on my blog so that the item is always visible on the sidebar!! YAY!! I'm so excited! Hopefully some good will come of it!

Ok...so, that sock I'm working on for the Russian?? Done!! Well, at least until he tries it on and tells me it doesn't fit him comfortably.

A note on this yarn: It was purchased from Fearless Fibers etsy store...I LOVE IT! I really want to buy more to knit a pair of socks for myself! But since the socks I want to make are thigh highs and therefore require MUCH more yarn, I will be getting cheapo yarn from knitpicks for them instead. At least that's the plan right now...but I'm still holding to the "no-new-sock-yarn-until-I-finish-the-socks-I'm-working-on" promise. This sucks. :) PS--the sock really is done...that photo was taken earlier this morning!

I sort of went nuts and bought some Temari supplies. Now I just need to decide what to do on my next temari. I have a few ideas...I just need to draw them out and make sure they will work. I'm pretty good at artsy things, but I'm not much of a 3-D girl...so, it IS sort of challenging to think out a pattern in a sphere. I can do it though, I'm sure of it.

So, I'm sure everybody in the knitting blog world already knows about this. Can I just say that I'm completely enamored with the Justina skirt and the Anais tee...not to mention a couple of the other patterns there...like the Aune skirt.

PS...we have a cutesy little flower garden now:

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Kar said...

the scarf looks awesome! but way too expensive for me! hey, you know your wedding is only like 3 months away! That's crazy! What invite are you going to do? I keep going back and forth with my ideas.