Close, but no cigar...





I don't think I can work on it anymore today...So much for a Valentine's Day Sweater...Sorry Honey, I tried. :{ I have to undo that whole side and be more careful next time around. Hey, I've never done this before...give me a break!!!!


Kar said...

one side looks good, but the other one looks slightly off...but without seeing it in person i can't tell much about it! good luck1

Kar said...

Hey, do you want to knit tomorrow night again? I don't know if you're busy or not, but whatever, i need to finish my scarf and do some hardcore knitting...maybe I'll do some tonite...just leave me a msg either on my blog or myspace if you're down! Hope lost night was fun! I didn't want to drive in the icy-ness that was the roads and i needed sleep..i didn't even get to finish watching it! I fell asleep at 9:30!