Happy placebo

I'm not one of those psych. degree holders who say..."well, it's just placebo effect anyway. It's not really working." Why do I not say that? Because placebo effect implies that the placebo IS WORKING...despite the unlikely probability that it would. I say, "even if the healing is all in my head...if there's healing, it works." Sometimes, we just need something to rely on...when it seems that nothing will work. Sometimes we just need to believe that something will help us...that the pressure of being better isn't completely on our own shoulders. That's why I use Badger Sore Muscle Rub...even if it has no proven analgesics...because it's comforting to rub it on and smell the ginger, lemongrass, and other herbs. That in itself is enough for me.

I thought that I wasn't going to post until I had actually completed the back of the Cambridge Jacket...but someone demanded a post or no pictures on hers...so I have complied. I am nearly done with the back and I'm worried that it won't fit the Russian. But the sides are K3, P2 rib, which means they are quite stretchy. In fact, this yarn is quite stretchy in general...so I think it will be fine. We like our clothes a little "fitted" around here anyway. Baggy is definitely not our thing and the next size up would probably feel like an Olympic sized swimming pool to skinny Max.

Here are the glamor shots:

Work news: I had my sixth month review at Starbucks and got a raise. I'm pretty happy about that because my next check will be a bit more than usual. I applied for a full time customer service position at the same company the Crochetinator slaves away at. I hope it was worth it...I hope I get a call...pray hard for me!

PS--I made that star pillow! Isn't it cute!?


Kar said...

i'll post pics later tonite :) probably around like 7ish

Kar said...


Lolly said...

THe star pillow is cute! good luck with the job stuff!