Going back

Since I have finished my scarf and have no "new" projects to work on until my package comes from Knit Picks, I went back to knitting in pink and have been working on my Swallowtail Shawl. Right now, it is a very easy lace pattern. I'll be starting repeat number 10, out of 14 for the second lace chart. It's very easy, very repetitive, and very grounding. I had forgotten that I love working on this shawl.

My love/hate relationship with lace is troubling, however. I love lace for the way it looks, and for the way it sort of soothes (when you approach it properly). What I don't like is how time consuming it is...but again, that's also sometimes what I DO like about it. It DOES take time...and it forces me to SLOW DOWN...something I'm really not AT ALL good at.

But that's what resolutions are all about, right? Here are a few:

1. Finish old, incomplete projects
2. Knit more lace
3. Knit at least ONE PAIR of socks this year (not just one sock, dear, a whole pair)
4. Read more

I have a few other resolutions too, but they are not important for this blog.

My reading line-up:
1. (currently) House of the Dead by Dostoevsky
2. The Human Comedy by Saroyan
3. His Dark Materials Trilogy by Pullman (I hear there is a movie in the making!)
4. Breakfast of Champions by Vonnegut
5. The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov
6. Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky
7. Notes from Underground by Dostoevsky
8. Dead Souls by Gogol
9. A Shameful Act: The Armenian Genocide and the Question of Turkish Responsibility by Akcam

I have most of these books already in my collection (with the exception of the last three)...so that means good, clean, free fun for days and days! I don't know if it is clear from my list that I like Russian literature...?

That's all for today...I just really wish my Knit Picks package would come!


Anonymous said...

Did you know that Kool Knits is closing? I went there today and got some cascade 220 on sale.

Kar said...

your scarf looks good! but you can't see most of the detail of the fun entrelac! i switched colors seamlessly! are you proud?!