Can't seem to blog lately

and I think it's because I'm working really hard on other things. No, I haven't made a lot of progress in crafty projects...which I really should work on. For instance, I really need to finish sock #2 for the Snowflake Lace Socks. I really need to finish my Rose Lace Shrug...my blue scarf...my Swallowtail Shawl (oh yeah, I forgot about that one)...Max's hat (that's right, he hand picked the yarn for it...I'll have to start it soon). So...yeah...a lot.

But that stuff is all for when I have time. We closed on the condo and are going to be working really hard at painting it. I will post pictures of all that nonsense eventually.

Love ya!

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Kar said...

yay! nonsense! cant wait till you all hold knit/crochet nights at your place! hope to see you all crazies soon!!