When good people have bad ideas.

I'm not a bad person...I know this. I'm not a terrible knitter...I know this as well. But gosh darn it, when it comes to creativity, I am a MONSTER. I come up with little projects without the slightest idea how to actually go about creating it. So, what I do is, I just sort of "eyeball" everything...right down to the shaping of armholes...something I've never done too well WITH a pattern to help me. I'm not sure, but I think my newest idea may turn out to be an even larger disaster than I anticipated.

This vest was adorable...in sketch format. Now that I look at what I have finished so far...I have my doubts about its cool factor. The best/worst (you decide) thing about this whole situation is that I used up a whole skein of Catalina Chunky (expensive, at least for me) and will need to buy more just to make this nightmare a reality. It looks tiny...but it does stretch quite a bit. Is it enough? No clue. What will the back look like? No clue. What's for lunch? I haven't figured that one out either.

Here's another crackpot:

This is what happened the day I learned to make granny squares. I'm not sure what is wrong with me. I haven't worn it outside of the dorm room (and then only to make my suitemates laugh)...it sits in a position of shame in my underwear drawer. That's it, I'm wearing it this weekend...IN PUBLIC. I'll let everyone know how that goes.

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